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    Andy Graves

    Wanted to share my trip with the family to IceStone. Over the summer we visited New York City and remembered that IceStone was making slabs at the old Navy Yard across the river way Brooklyn.

    So we decided we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. After making arrangements with Sarah, we figured the subway route and set off on our adventure. Of course the day we scheduled happened to be on the same day a huge storm came through. But we were committed and refused to miss the plant tour.
    The plant is amazing and was actually surprised how much they could do in such a small space. Their commitment of being a environmentally friendly company is spot on. As we entered the office, all the lights were off using only the natural light from the wall of windows. In fact the entire shop used only the natural light from the skylights. Very impressive.
    Thanks to Sarah and the IceStone team for the hospitality, we had a great time.
    Here are some pictures as we walked through the plant.
    Front Entrance.
    Finished Slabs.
    Sample Room
    Raw Material – Crushed glass
    Loading Dock
    The Family
    Tom M

    As Andy, Val and the kids leave:

    “Okay guys, they’re gone. Turn on the lights, light the furnace!”

    Lenny E

    Thanks for posting that Andy,

    That was nice. I always like to see pix of manufacturing operations.


    cool pics andy…I been to the vetrazzo plant and they look similar..but In the case of Icestone seeing these pics in the Quartz might get their panites in a wad.. They frown on resin…just an awareness

    Andy Graves

    Good call, got it moved.

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