Integra Adhesives launches Surface Bonder ZERO

Recognized for their high quality, pre-colored cartridge based adhesives—that offer an accurate color match when laminating, mitering and seaming quartz, natural stone and other surfaces—Integra Adhesives is now launching Surface Bonder ZERO, a new adhesive with zero sag for Quartz and Natural Stone.

Integra Adhesive TubeSurface Bonder ZERO works extremely well when mitering or for vertical application, as the adhesive stays in place after the adhesive bead is applied. This allowed for a clean, no-mess, no-waste application. Moreover, Surface Bonder Zero offers great bonding strength on Quartz and Natural Stone. Offered in multiple colors, including a wide selection of true whites, Surface Bonder ZERO is sold in a 250ml 10:1 cartridge. It is the newest addition to Integra’s line of pre-colored adhesives.

“Countertop surface options and applications used to be limited. Not anymore”, says Integra. “From Natural to Compact to Ultra-Compact, glossy to textured to mat, whites to extra-whites, the possibilities are now endless. Added to our world-renowned Surface Bonder Xi and our ultra-versatile indoor-outdoor Surface Bonder ULTRA, the new Surface Bonder ZERO completes a truly unique product offering
to countertop fabricators”.

Color charts can be downloaded from the company’s website or app.

Visit Integra Adhesives at Surface Bonder Zero for more details.