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How To Make a No Drip Edge on a Corian Solid Surface Countertop

No-Drip edge (AKA Marine Edge) fabrication video detailing step by step instructions. From the cutting of the countertop to the sanding of the no-drip edge profile. This process can be done on virtually all acrylic and polyester solid surface materials like Corian, HI-MACS, Staron, Livingstone, Stonia, Krion and more.

V-Groove Corian Solid Surface Demonstration

This video demonstrates the v-groove or miter fold edge fabrication process for Corian solid surface material. I use a Monument Toolworks v-groove machine, but this process can also be accomplished with a table saw or handheld router. It is by far the easiest edges to fabricate, and the finishing steps are drastically reduced.

Corian Solid Surface Ramp Sink Fabrication with Slot Drain

Corian Solid Surface Countertop Ramp Sink video shows the complete fabrication process to build a Corian solid surface ramp sink. From the fabrication to the mounting and sanding followed by the drain assembly, you will be able to get a great idea of how to make your own ramp sink. I use a CNC to […]