Scratch Removal – Corian Solid Surface Countertop Scratch Removal Sanding

In this video I will show you how to quickly fix a crack in a Corian solid surface countertop. The process will perfectly match the surrounding material perfectly.

It should also be extremely strong and you will not have to worry about it cracking in the same spot in future. The epoxy used will chemically bond the insert piece to the material.

135 Degree Inside Cove Corner on Corian Solid Surface

Cove inside corners are often a breeze with the correct tooling and a bit of experience. But for most fabricators, we don’t typically get the oddball corners that can stump any of us. I have created a sample of a 135 degree inside, cove corner using solid surface material. Obviously this is not the only […]

No-Drip Outside Corner Fabrication Technique

Learn the steps to create a nice, contoured outside corner on a solid surface countertop. Many times the outside corner is just mitered and routed with a 3/8″ radius. However, some customers want a larger radius. This video shows how I created a larger outside radius using a square block on the corner with the […]