Avonite Advanced Fabrication Seminar

This 3-day hands-on training seminar is one of the most comprehensive fabrication/installation training programs in the solid surface market today. Our intention is to offer the serious fabricator a challenging program designed to enhance understanding of the fabrication/installation process and to develop skills to an advanced level. This class is not designed for the novice fabricator. It will require some level of previous experience, either with solid surface products or in a related field.

Contact: Cindy Watson @ 1-800-428-6648
Cost: $400.00

Pinske Solid Surface Fabrication Training

The Pinske Edge offers “hands-on” Solid Surface Fabrication Training in their own fabrication shop in Plato, MN. Learn timesaving, quality fabrication methods. At the seminar, you’ll make a vanity top with a coved backsplash, pinstripe and integral sink. You’ll also learn sheet layout, pricing overview, edge details, circle and curves, borders, repairs, thermoforming, templating and installing.

All of your questions will be answered, you’ll meet other independent fabricators, and you’ll walk away ready to tackle a project of your own. This is an in-depth course and enrollment is limited. Courses run three days – If you’re interested in a better way of solid surface fabrication, call us now to reserve a spot!

For more information – Toll Free (800) 874-6753

Buddy Rhodes Concrete Training

Buddy Rhodes has been building concrete countertops and furniture for over 25 years, and is characterized by many as the ‘father’ of concrete countertops. These courses give you the opportunity to learn with Buddy and his team.

We offer three courses:

  1. Basic – Each two-day basic training is comprehensive and informative about each phase of concrete fabrication, with individual attention and opportunity for hands-on learning about concrete countertops and other decorative concrete projects. Students gain knowledge of materials, forming, mixing and placing the concrete mix, finishing techniques, colors, sealing, maintenance, and marketing tips.
  2. Advanced – The advance training carries this information into more advanced techniques, including moldmaking, vertical and 3-D forming, and adapting the basic techniques to achieve your design goals.
  3. GFRC – We also are offering a one day workshop on techniques utilizing GFRC technology for concrete countertop and furniture fabrication.

Training class size is kept small, generally not exceeding 12 students. Each training day begins at 8:30 am and closes at 4:30. Continental breakfast is provided each day, with a Friday Japanese lunch next door to Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products and a Saturday walk down the street for burgers outdoors on the Bay. For more information – 877-706-5303

CCI Training Programs

Why learn from CCI? You can’t afford not to! Learn QUALITY: Get comprehensive, engineering based training that will teach you to create the highest quality concrete countertops without worrying about technical failures. In today’s economy, you can’t afford to make concrete countertops that look great but don’t perform.

Learn from Jeff Girard, the pioneer of high quality, low maintenance, properly engineered concrete countertops. Learn from-scratch mix designs, from a neutral institute that does not sell products. Get total confidence in your ability to make high quality concrete countertops that high dollar clients will put in the finest homes.

Three Classes Available:

  1. 2 Day Pro Concrete Countertops
  2. 5 Day Ultimate Precast and GFRC
  3. 5 Day Advanced 3-Dimensional Molds

For more information: 888-386-7711