No Drip to Cove Sanding Trick on Corian Solid Surface Countertop

Blending a no drip edge into a cove backsplash on a Corian solid surface countertops can be difficult. In this video I will show you a little trick to get a perfectly smooth transition.

How To Make a Corian Solid Surface Cove Splash – Pro Tips

This video will show a step by step guide on how to build and fabricate a solid surface cove backsplash. Cove solid surface backsplash fabrication is an advanced technique.

V-Groove Corian Solid Surface Demonstration

This video demonstrates the v-groove or miter fold edge fabrication process for Corian solid surface material. I use a Monument Toolworks v-groove machine, but this process can also be accomplished with a table saw or handheld router. It is by far the easiest edges to fabricate, and the finishing steps are drastically reduced.