Quartz Silestone Countertop Burn Test – Extreme Test

This is a quick test to see if quartz countertop material will burn. I apply heat from a torch to see what the results will be after 5 and 10 seconds. Most heat will come from a pot, pan, or oven tray.    

How To Make a No Drip Edge on a Corian Solid Surface Countertop

No-Drip edge (AKA Marine Edge) fabrication video detailing step by step instructions. From the cutting of the countertop to the sanding of the no-drip edge profile. This process can be done on virtually all acrylic and polyester solid surface materials like Corian, HI-MACS, Staron, Livingstone, Stonia, Krion and more.

How to Install an Undermount Sink on a Corian Solid Surface Countertop

This video will show you how to install an undermount sink on a Corian Solid Surface countertop using sink clips with brass inserts and mechanical fasteners.