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    been doing this alot which is mixing Green Materials

    Norm Walters

    Gene, I love looking at your work, it’s always interesting. Maybe you could have talked them into changing the tile on the floor


    Norm..dats your job…remember that was the job with the wall…they are putting down Cork flooring soon…but I dont suggest anything about floors…

    Dont ya recognize the red paint

    Norm Walters

    Oh yeah, I recognize that now. I see part of the wall still remains, was that their suggestion, or was it because of the electrical which would have required burying junction boxes in a non attic?

    Andy Graves

    I like the mix. Add a little character to the kitchen. Did you have to buy a full slab of Vetrazzo for this job? Looks like it would get expensive if the entire Vetrazzo slab was not used. Great idea if it was a partial that you wanted to get rid of.


    no i split slabs with people   that is the second bamboo kitchen with paperstone,Vetrazzo and bamboo cabinets…i do have scrap strips of vetrazzo which doesnt mean its free…i just ask if the customer would like what i have as an upgrade…if they are set on a specific color than they have to get vanities or an island or a coffee table…then later on i may be able to retrofit a coffee table to their vanity when they are ready to do their bathroom..

    what i have been doing is booking up customers to split slabs they also split the shipping…you can also buy split slabs with acut charge

    Norm yup..left the 2x4s there with the outlets and just wrapped the studs with bamboo..the spice rack was made outta strips leftover…the cabinetry business is a pain but its helping me out now with extra cash for my new shop

    this was fun..the wasted space on sides has paperstone shelves on da other side for nic nax

    Andy Graves

    It looks like 3/4″ paperstone. How tall is the entire edge?


    2 anda 1/4

    Andy Graves

    Posted By Gene McDonald on 30 Apr 2009 03:51 AM

    2 anda 1/4

    So do you build the cabinets to accommodate the taller edge, or is the counter height, higher than 36″?  When we do tall edges like that, we always have clearance issues with the dishwasher and the counter ends up being at about 36 1/2″.

    Brian Stone

    As long as you don’t have the edge wrapping around the face of the cabinet you shouldn’t have any clearance issues…right?


    I keep my cabinets at 34andahalf like most standard…the thickness of the CT wont have anything to do with the dishwashers we work with…the Ct can be 8″ thick the DW slides and gets fastened to the bottom of it…

    I do understand if they want standard 36″ then I would rout in the bamboo and hide the PS edge seam..

    the total with our top would then finish at 36 and3/4…if they have them slide in stoves then ya hafta lift up the stove if they want it to flush out


    This is a fun PIA…Inlay Vetrazzo in Paperstone…aaarrrgggghhh me and my big mowf!

    Ill try to post fin pics
    Gordon Shell

    Looks awesome!! I do not fault you for using Vetrazzo, their colors look awesome in your designs, I havent got to play with the Paperstone yet, not sure I want to, looks like its a little to sensitive for me.

    Andy Graves

    The Vetrazzo seems like it would be difficult to cut into thin strips. Was it?


    hell yeah it was…But my guy Simon did it..I told the customer I will match it…My guy Simon said let him try…he used regular ole worm saw…of course he cut it in three strokes…but worked out cool…the inlay runs into a full piece of Vetrazzo corner…kinda cool..

    Gordon..its not as sensitive as Richlite…if u remember Mica still…paperstone layers is standard mica and Richlite is VT mica layers..if the seam aint level with lite richlite…it scares me…but paperstone…I can bust thru the papers with 40 grit belt sander and then still blend it in..I useta be scared of it and freak out if the paper peeled…just belt sand every where else with 40 grit than rotex with 150 and scotch brite…its easier to play with now..
    But as you know selling kitchens of all vetrazzo is too much for some…so I weazel in Island and high bars in Recyceld glass..soon Geos  and than mocha PS everywhere else…they usually bite on that…than their friends bite the bullet and do their whole kitchen in it…pretty much a lock…even if they read this..they know my motive 
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