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    Gordon Shell

    OK, after seeing all of Gene McDonald’s designs I decided to send him some scraps of GEOS to run wild with for a small piece for our KBIS booth, HOLY SH*T check out what he is shipping me!!!!! We have now decided to change his name legally to GEOS GENE! Come check this out @ KBIS booth #1780 next week.

    I had my warehouse send him some scraps, a piece of 2cm Redrock, and 3cm Avalon, not the easiest combo to work with on short notice, but Gene and his crew threw this together on short notice and I’m blown away.

    Thanks Gene and the crew @ Refresh Interiors!!!


    yes making 2 cm into 3 cm with hands tools was fun…but Simon says it can be done no problem…thanx for the challenge…what I enjoyed it had to be scientifically weighed with crate to also be under 150 came in at 145..hahahaha..that was my favorite moment..If only I could have inlay bullet shells in it…


    heres the bottom view before the Cobalt glass went on

    Andy Graves

    That is bitchen. Did you use the LED lighting that uses the peel and stick tape?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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