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    Lot of truth in this….  Sorry guys , this will fire Lenny up… 
    Lenny E

    I saw that quite awhile ago Kelsey.

    2 years from now, when the US dollar is no longer the US Worlds Reserve currency we are screwed.

    Not only will we not be the greatest country in the world, with the huge national debt we have, we will have become Zimbabwe. It’s so sad and could have been prevented if we had not had the parade of losers for the last 20 years we had in Congress and the WH. The US “gummit” spends like a drunken sailor in Thailand. We borrow from Commie China to finance our debt. We have mortgaged our children’s and grand children’s future.

    Remember that commercial for the dairy industry…”‘Got Milk?”

    Well I have a question for ya’ all….”Got renimbi, RMB (Chinese bucks)”?

    Because if you don’t ye be screwed!


    Hey Lenny… do you really think it will take another two years? With the bill congress passed on the debt ceiling, it, basically gives the Pres the right to spend whatever he wants…without congressional approval.

    Interested to spend the last 6 months in Northern California, where they folks are trying to break away from the rest of California and become the State of Jefferson…almost gives you hope that something may survive. We can already see the country is breaking apart by values…liberal vs conservative…cities vs country… this is being done by design, so those in power can remain in power…hopefully it will bite em in the ass before it’s all said and done.

    Sadly only a portion of the peeps are waking up, those low information voters are still dumb as a box of rocks and continue to support pol…crooks that do NOT have their best interest at heart.

    With Maryland, Colorado, California and a few other places trying to breakway…maybe folks will wake up and throw all the idiots/crooks out. Something about DC air that causes you to go corrupt I guess. Can you believe McKook is even talking about running again? MY God.. I swear I will spend 100% of my time going door to door to work against that piece of……… HE should be charged with treason in my opinion. Authoring a bill to allow the Pres to lock up anyone, forever, with no right to an attorney or even a trial…and no charges have to be filed…He revoked the 4th amendment.
    Along with many other anti American laws..

    Dang I hate to get started….

    Lenny E

    Wags it will be 2015 exactly.

    Do you how I know? I keep my finger on the pulse of the “evil yellow horde” (John Candy quote) well as the Socialist A holes running the US into the ground. They have a bid in for it sonny!

    China has already negotiated trade debts to be settled in RMB with a number of Asian, South American, African and EU countrys. I have no idea how they missed Antarctica. 

    The Yuan (RMB) is under valued, as the USd is over valued. By 2020 it is estimated the Yuan will be 2.8 to 1 USD. And that estimate was before we started printing money, Obamacare etc.

    The IMF etc. is currently evaluating the RMB as a world reserve currency..decision comes in 2015. I think they will say Yes. The Chinese numbers are all the bullshit, but a tad more honest than the US numbers which are a total clusterfuck shitstorm!

    It’s going to be just awful Wags.After the Chinese no longer buy US debt (as they had to since they had an excess of USD) at near to 0 interest rates because the RMB has become a world reserve currency the SHTF. . SS and medicare crashing, Obamacare in flames. Seniors, welfare and food stamp (opps meant Independence card) recipients rioting in the streets and burning stuff down.

    Now you know why Homeland security bought 1.7 billion Hollow point rounds. (Illegal in warfare due to the Geneva convention). They know it’s coming!

    Those bullets  are meant for ya’all. May God have mercy on your souls.

    As for me, if in the US I will be in my bunker, or if offshore in the land of no extradition!

    Got RMB? If not, get some as a hedge!

    Tom M

    This, and other things like Saudi Arabia changing our diplomatic situation would, in a fair media, completely destroy the party in power.

    It won’t happen. The media is too invested in keeping the D’s in power. If Hillary runs, this fiasco will be blamed on anyone but her anyway, even though she was helming the ship of the State Dept. at the time.

    Lenny E

    But, But, But Tom! Obama….Hope and change, ..the teleprompter Tom, My God he has a teleprompter!

    Good Lord man, that has to mean something!

    We know what it means….we be screwed!

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