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Lotte Radianz – New Colors 2019

With colors ranging from rustic concrete finish to white aesthetics, Radianz® Quartz is pleased to announce the addition of new and exciting color options to our Cirrus Collection for 2019!

A premium quartz surface for residential and commercial spaces— Radianz®
is produced using Breton® technology, the hallmark of quartz manufacturing, and provides the perfect surface for both residential and commercial applications.

Durable, modern, essential – find the balance between personal style and practicality with these new colors that provide the perfect palette for a modern, interior space.

Click on the colors below to take a closer look.


Integra Adhesives launches Surface Bonder ZERO

Recognized for their high quality, pre-colored cartridge based adhesives—that offer an accurate color match when laminating, mitering and seaming quartz, natural stone and other surfaces—Integra Adhesives is now launching Surface Bonder ZERO, a new adhesive with zero sag for Quartz and Natural Stone.

Integra Adhesive TubeSurface Bonder ZERO works extremely well when mitering or for vertical application, as the adhesive stays in place after the adhesive bead is applied. This allowed for a clean, no-mess, no-waste application. Moreover, Surface Bonder Zero offers great bonding strength on Quartz and Natural Stone. Offered in multiple colors, including a wide selection of true whites, Surface Bonder ZERO is sold in a 250ml 10:1 cartridge. It is the newest addition to Integra’s line of pre-colored adhesives.

“Countertop surface options and applications used to be limited. Not anymore”, says Integra. “From Natural to Compact to Ultra-Compact, glossy to textured to mat, whites to extra-whites, the possibilities are now endless. Added to our world-renowned Surface Bonder Xi and our ultra-versatile indoor-outdoor Surface Bonder ULTRA, the new Surface Bonder ZERO completes a truly unique product offering
to countertop fabricators”.

Color charts can be downloaded from the company’s website or app.

Visit Integra Adhesives at Surface Bonder Zero for more details.

Samsung Staron Table Fabrication – Time Lapse

Watch the entire fabrication process through this time lapse video. This unique table showcases complete CAD and CNC work, a solid surface inlay of the Samsung logo, full bullnose and finishing.

Integra Adhesives Announces Price Drop

Integra Adhesives USA Inc. is proud to announce a major investment at its manufacturing facility, adding 40% production space and drastically increasing its production capacity. With the US economy on a growth curve and its product becoming the adhesive of choice for an ever-increasing number of Solid Surface, Quartz and Natural Stone fabricators, Integra is now more than ever in a position to meet the North American demand and be extremely price competitive.

“The cartridge based adhesive market has become very crowded over recent years, some of the competition coming from Asia, some of it from low-cost web base distributors“, says Integra. “To remain competitive while maintaining very high-quality standards, Integra has become the only fully integrated manufacturer, with its own packaging, mixing and dispensing system. Moreover, we made sure to remain at the forefront of the technology by boosting our R&D department with Chemistry engineers and PHDs. New investments in automation now insure that we minimize the labor component of our cost of goods, increasing our competitiveness“.

This announcement comes with very good news for US fabricators. As of March 10, 2014, Integra is reducing fabricator pricing on its most popular colors sold in 250ml cartridges. “As we are now producing these colors in larger batches, we are in a position to pass on the savings to fabricators,” says Integra. “This new pricing affects over 30 different colors that match the majority of commonly used surfaces. Fabricators are now not only guaranteed high quality and fresh products for extended shelf life from Integra, they get the best of both worlds: extraordinary savings on our most popular colors and almost 300 other colors to choose from, sold at a very competitive price, for perfect matches on infinite surfaces.”

More details on this announcement can be obtained by contacting Integra adhesives at 1-888-862-6665.

Avani Unveils First Collection

HIGH-END kitchen brand Avani has unveiled its first collection – a clean and contemporary series of eye-catching units. Created by Dror Benshetrit, founder of New York-based studio Dror, Avani’s inaugural Arc collection features lacquered doors and white Corian countertops juxtaposed against hand-rubbed white oak or walnut cabinets.

Using Google Documents Spreadsheets for Inventory Tracking – Part 1

For the past several years, my employer, Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc., has been using several Microsoft Access databases for keeping track of inventory. This has worked well but has only been available to those with Microsoft Access on their computers.

Recently, I found out about Google Documents. It isn’t as powerful in some aspects as Microsoft Office, but, being web-based, it is more accessible. It can also communicate with Google Calendar and other Google applications and is able to be viewed and edited on several smartphones and the iPad.

I have been working on a couple of Google Spreadsheets for tracking our inventory. Entries are added or deleted through a form (See Figure 1). Note that form and spreadsheet (see Figure 2) are copies, so you can add/remove entries to see how they work.

Figure 1. Click here to go to the actual form.

Click here to go to the actual spreadsheet, as shown in Figure 2. You can open the form and spreadsheet in adjacent windows to see how quickly the form updates the spreadsheet and also what is going on when a new entry is added. (Please go to File->Make a Copy if you are going to experiment with editing the spreadsheet, so I can maintain the structure of the existing spreadsheet.)

There is a lot of code that goes into cells on the spreadsheet and into the script file, so it is best to only add/remove entries through the form instead of editing the actual spreadsheet. I have this spreadsheet set up so anyone with the link can view/edit. When not making your spreadsheet public, Google lets you pick which people you want to have access to the spreadsheet. They must have a Gmail address. You can select to only let them view the spreadsheet, or allow them to edit also. It is best not to give out the address for the form to those you don’t trust with it. The form is accessible to anyone with the link.

The form can easily be changed to have other selections listed. You can also set it up to only show text boxes, as shown under the Color selection.

The information you see below in Figure 2 is what has been submitted from the form. The column labeled “Timestamp” comes into the spreadsheet as a date and time but is edited through the script file to automatically create a unique record number for each entry where Add has been selected under Add/Remove. This unique record number is critical in deleting entries. To do so, you select Remove in the Add/Remove multiple-choice selection on the form, shown in Figure 1. Then you enter a record number, shown in Figure 3, into the Notes textbox, shown in Figure 1. This compares your entry from the Notes textbox to the values in Column A, shown in Figure 2. If your entry matches any of these values, it is deleted, along with the entry that it matched.

When you select Add, the spreadsheet adds a new entry, gives it a unique record number, and then sorts the spreadsheet by Material, Color, and so on.

Figure 2.

Some of the information that you see above in Figure 2 is not necessary to be viewed, but it is necessary for making the spreadsheet and form communicate with one another. On Sheet3, as shown in Figure 3 below, you see the information that is important to view (at least that is what we use for tracking inventory).

Figure 3.

From the File menu, you can save your spreadsheet in HTML, Excel, PDF, etc. format. It is also possible to link data from this spreadsheet to another spreadsheet.

In Using Google Documents Spreadsheets for Inventory Tracking – Part 2, I will show how to edit the script file to add other prefixes to the record numbers, along with several other things. I am just starting to learn about using Google Documents, so please feel free to suggest any improvements.

About the Author: Seth Emery has been a CAD Drafter/CNC Programmer for Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. in Lititz, Pennsylvania since 2004. H.H. Ross specializes in the fabrication and installation of solid surface, granite, and engineered stone countertops in residential and commercial applications. Seth can be reached at Visit the H.H. Ross website at