Habit Burger Features Lotte Staron and Radianz

Staron® solid surface and Radianz®  quartz are installed in areas where food routinely comes into contact due to its non-porous and durable qualities that help resist any stubborn stains and minor scratches. Staron® Tempest Horizon and Radianz® Ural Gray are prominently featured at Habit Burger locations for the surfaces of their furnishing solutions.

The contemporary design is complemented by the simplicity of Staron® and Radianz®  throughout the restaurant’s dining and cashier areas. Available in a wide range of colors, Staron® and Radianz® help create a signature look that can be extended to other franchise locations.

Achieve the best of style and quality with Staron® solid surface and Radianz® quartz brought to you by LOTTE Advanced Materials USA

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